New Continuous Improvement and Quality Manager

We are thrilled to welcome Darshan Patel back to Linecross after two years in his new role as our Continuous Improvement and Quality Manager.

Darshan’s role involves implementing and overseeing strategies to enhance our production processes, streamlining operations, and maintaining high-quality standards. 

This will support our objectives to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and continue to improve product quality by harnessing tools such as InTouch monitoring.

Darshan started his career at Linecross as a Quality Technician and after working at The Harboro Rubber Company, he’s excited to be back where it all started in this new role at Linecross. As Continuous Improvement and Quality Manager, Darshan will be collaborating with different Linecross teams including production, quality control, engineering, and management to ensure the successful implementation of continuous improvement initiatives and to maintain quality standards.


I’m excited about having the opportunity to contribute to Linecross's reputation for innovation and excellence. I look forward to working with a talented team and driving positive change in our production processes.

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