Our Core Processes

The Linecross Group comprises of two world class manufacturing facilities, Linecross Rutland situated in the East Midlands and Linecross Composites in the West Midlands.

The complete range of processes in our state-of-the-art facilities has enabled us to develop a unique one stop shop capability in supporting our customers’ needs from low prototyping through to low and medium volume series production.

Our passion to innovate and our proactive approach in anticipating future trends for technical, lightweight and sustainable solutions remains a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Three-dimensional shape to an extruded thermoplastic material.

Optimal process for moulding high-volume plastic components.

Widely used in a variety of applications where comfort and support are essential.

For moulding complex, high-strength components, with optimised cycle times.

A range of complex techniques from structural adhesives to ultrasonic welding.

Accurately trim or cut excess material from a part or component.


Concept to production

We are constantly innovating to develop bespoke solutions that go beyond our customers’ expectations. Our complete ‘concept to production’ service includes everything from customised product development to assembly and sequenced supply; supporting customers’ needs from low volume prototypes through to medium and high-volume series production.




We support our customers from the early stages of new projects to ensure the designs are feasible.




Our extensive materials and processing knowledge ensures the product is optimised and fit for purpose.




In house ability to support prototyping from 3D printing through to ureol and aluminum pre-series tooling.




Thousands of parts and complex assemblies are managed using sequenced supply and sophisticated MRP systems for just-in-time components.

How can we help?

Linecross are here to guide and help you determine the best solution. We can help with all your project requirements, simply give us a call on 01780 720 720 or email us.

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