Our vision is to be a market leader in product development and innovation across our industry sectors.

Linecross’ success is based on developing partnerships with both our strategic customers and a network of leading strategic partners.

We operate in a culture of outstanding teamwork and collaboration and through a committed focus on innovation we strive to deliver bespoke solutions with exceptional customer service.

Company timeline

We’ve been partnering with our customers to achieve outstanding results for over 50 years, by developing bespoke engineered thermoplastic and polyurethane (PU) components for a wide range of challenging interior and exterior environments.


Linecross Founded
Acquired by Maple Holdings



MBO by current management team
Acquisition of BI Composites



Ongoing expansion and growth

Credentials & responsibility

We take great pride in being one of the UK’s leaders in composite moulding solutions. We constantly strive to improve our international compliance requirements by achieving the latest standards.

Linecross Rutland quality credentials

Linecross Composites quality credentials

A number of our key policies can be found below:

Environment & Sustainability

Environmental issues are a top priority for us and we are committed to being environmentally responsible at all times. 

We’re accredited to ISO 14001 standard, which deals with the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a robust and reliable environmental management system.

Through intelligent design and careful material and process selection, we only use the resources we need. 

We have a rigorous policy of recycling by-products and waste, and always manage and use any chemicals in a responsible manner. 

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