Off Highway

The off-highway marketplace for agricultural and construction equipment is an extremely demanding marketplace, with vehicles often working in extreme environmental conditions from sub-zero temperatures through to scorched desert conditions reliably day after day.

Linecross have hundreds of different components successfully fitted onto these vehicles, that have been engineered with an in-depth understanding of the complex technical demands from UV colour stability, thermal expansion over a wide range of operating temperatures and impact performance through to fixing strategies to mating components and NVH requirements.

Exterior Applications

Roof modules | Engine side panels | Fenders

Interior Applications

Ip Assemblies (low volume applications) | Door Assemblies | Headliners & upper pillar trims | Lightweight foam HVAC ducting | Seat backs

PROCESSES USED: Vacuum forming • Injection moulding polymers • Polyurethane systems • Ultra low density polyolefin foam

Innovative, lightweight Off Highway components

From vacuum-formed exterior roof assemblies and polyurethane back-injection bonnet assemblies to compression-moulded headliners and injection-moulded interior cockpit trim we partner with our customers to deliver future-proof products that can be applied in emerging platforms such as electric and hydrogen-derived vehicle platforms.


Concept to production

We are constantly innovating to develop bespoke solutions that go beyond our customers’ expectations. Our complete ‘concept to production’ service includes everything from customised product development to assembly and sequenced supply; supporting customers’ needs from low volume prototypes through to medium and high-volume series production.




We support our customers from the early stages of new projects to ensure the designs are feasible.




Our extensive materials and processing knowledge ensures the product is optimised and fit for purpose.




In house ability to support prototyping from 3D printing through to ureol and aluminum pre-series tooling.




Thousands of parts and complex assemblies are managed using sequenced supply and sophisticated MRP systems for just-in-time components.

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At Linecross we provide a complete ‘concept to production’ service from customised product development to assembly and sequenced supply. Find out more about how our range of processes can support your business.

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